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Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 5000

0-100 Scale
Overall Score 80
44 Lowest
85 Highest


This mattress performed excellent in our tests of back support. It was excellent also in our durability tests, showing no noticeable change in performance. And its surface was very good at conforming to various shapes, maximizing contact with the sleeper. The mattress proved to be very stable, limiting the amount of vibration transmitted.


We judged this mattress softer than claimed.


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CR's Take

Back sleepers have a lot to like about this innerspring, but you might be less satisfied when you roll onto your side. With a latex-foam topping, the mattress is rated Excellent at supporting the curve of the spine for back sleepers— and very good at keeping side sleepers' spines horizontal. The mattress came out fine after eight years of simulated use, and it was top-notch at minimizing bouncing from across the bed. A 14-inch height may call for deep-pocket fitted sheets.

Compare This Model to Other Mattresses Models

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