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Clek Liing

0-100 Scale
Overall Score 91
55 Lowest
91 Highest
Liing product image.


  • Excellent crash protection with load leg
  • Rigid LATCH is easy to use for LATCH install
  • Tensioning plate makes belt installs easy
  • Recline can be adjusted without uninstalling seat base
  • Excellent ease-of-use


  • Harness rethreading requires careful routing
  • Seat and harness require significant disassembly to remove cover for cleaning
  • Heavy seat/base
  • Handle position is restricted in the vehicle

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CR's Take

One of the best seats overall for balancing crash protection, ease-of-use, and vehicle fit. The combination of this seat's rigid LATCH and load leg feature make this one of the top performers for crash in our tests.

Compare This Model to Other Car Seats Models

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