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Toro 51821

0-100 Scale
Overall Score 81
37 Lowest
89 Highest
51821 product image.


  • Moved leaves and other debris especially quickly.
  • Easy to handle and control.
  • Relatively quiet for a blower, with no hearing protection needed while operating.
  • Fairly quiet when heard from a distance, a plus for relations with neighbors.
  • Has more than one speed for better control in tight areas.
  • The blowing speed can be fixed, sometimes only at the highest setting, so you need not hold the trigger constantly during operation.


  • No discernible lows.

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CR's Take

  • Very fast, with aggressive power for moving leaves and other debris.
  • Moderately aggressive and capable of cleaning most embedded material, such as leaf particles.
  • Adequate suction, but slower than most others tested.

Compare This Model to Other Leaf Blowers Models

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