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Essentia Stratami

0-100 Scale
Overall Score 81
45 Lowest
84 Highest
Stratami product image.


This mattress performed excellently for petite and average sized back sleepers. Large/Tall back sleepers and all side sleepers will find very good performance. In our durability test this mattress performed excellently showing no noticeable changes in performance. This mattress proved to be very stable and limited the amount of vibration felt.


This mattress had no discernible lows.


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CR's Take

Mattress shoppers who come to Essentia for the organic materials won’t be disappointed in the performance of the company’s natural rubber latex-based foam: In CR's tests, this mattress-in-a-box does a Very Good job (or better) of supporting back and side sleepers, and gets Excellent scores for durability and stability, so one partner’s tossing and turning shouldn’t jostle the other sleeper. The 8-inch height means no shopping for new deep-pocket fitted sheets.

Compare This Model to Other Mattresses Models

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