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Coop Sleep Goods The Original

0-100 Scale
Overall Score 90
52 Lowest
90 Highest
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CR's Take

Sleepers can fully customize this adjustable pillow from COOP Home Goods to their liking by using the supplied additional foam or removing some of the memory foam and microfibers in the pillow. In our tests, we found that by removing nearly half of the filling resulted in the best support for smaller back sleepers. For larger back sleepers, removing approximately a quarter of the filling offered the best support. Smaller side sleepers in our tests found the best support with either the standard fill pillow or removing approximately a quarter of the filling. Larger side sleepers found the best support adding all of the supplied extra filling to the pillow. Our overall score is comprised of the best support performance for each position from each configuration. We recommend sleepers keep adjusting until they feel supported and comfortable.

Compare This Model to Other Pillows Models

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