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Blueair Classic 605

0-100 Scale
Overall Score 88
12 Lowest
91 Highest
Classic 605 product image.


  • Especially effective at removing dust.
  • Especially effective at removing dust, smoke, and pollen at its highest speed, important for quickly cleaning the air in the room.
  • Especially effective at removing smoke.
  • Runs quietly on its lowest speed.
  • Easy to operate its controls, carry it, and clean or replace its filter(s).
  • Has a filter indicator, which lets you know when it's time to change/clean the main filter.
  • Energy Star qualified, meaning it’s relatively energy-efficient compared with non-qualified models.


  • Very noisy even for an air purifier running at its highest speed.
  • Relatively high annual costs, which includes routine filter replacement (if any) and annual operating costs.
  • Relatively high filter costs.
  • Relatively high operating costs.

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CR's Take

This portable air purifier from Blueair can really clear a room. Boasting an Excellent rating for particle removal in CR’s tests, this machine is among the very top performers. It also has a fairly unique feature: You can control it from afar using a smartphone app. One caveat is that the unit is somewhat loud when operating on high speed.

Compare This Model to Other Air Purifiers Models

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